MickyMonkeybeach Hotel


Six Acres on Mai Khao beach Near Phuket airport, only 15 Km. from Phuket airport (15 minutes drive), Located in the northern part of Phuket island.

Key Attractions

100 meters width lay in front of the beach , long & privated beach. In Mai Khao beach area ,Around MickyMonkeybeach has 4 hotels next door (by walk) 1.J.W.mariott 2.A nantara 3. Sala Phuket and 4.Renaissance Hotel. Among these five-star hotels, MickyMonkeybeach hotel shares the same beach but Design and decorate to local style and natural surrounding  for privacy need of our guests.

3 types of room

Overall 12 rooms only. These rooms are provided in the total area of 6 acres. This objective is to preserved much more space and natural surrounding(See more detail for accommodation)

“5 star view ; 1 star price”

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